Sunday, November 6, 2011

Winter Warmer Giveaway:))))

Remember, receive an extra 20 entries (holy cow!) for hosting an online party... which is really super easy!!.....
Here is a little more info for you on the online party system: 
Basically we would set up a party on my website, you can email your friends and family a link to my website and let them know you are having an online party they won't want to miss- they are free to shop online with you has hostess. There are no requirements so you have nothing to loose.... here are the hostess benefits You can easily receive some free Scentsy Product!  We can run it for a couple weeks or so, whatever works best for you. If you prefer to be mailed catalogs/order forms and host a catalog show just let me know. Your guest's Scentsy will ship directly to each individual so you will not have to hassle with distributing anything. SEE... EASY!!  Why not score some free product for gifts this year!
Let me know and I will get it all set up for you and email you a link and will make sure you receive your extra 20 entries!  email: GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!

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